Prolom water | Why Prolom Water

The Guardian of Your Health

Prolom water belongs to the group of high-alkaline (pH 8.8+), low-mineralized, bicarbonate waters.

Why Prolom Water?

The Prolom Water mineral spring is found on the eastern slopes of Radan Mountain, which belongs to the oldest volcanic massif in the region. The whole Mt. Radan is a kind of ecological oasis, since in the diameter of 50 km there are no industrial facilities nor busy highways. The Prolom Water mineral spring and modern bottle filling plant are found in the immediate vicinity of the Prolom Spa, in which all healing properties of Prolom Water and the nature environment serve to improve health and vitality.

Prolom Water belongs to the group of low-mineralized, alkaline waters (pH 8.8+), with hypothermic properties. It has natural diuretic and bacteriostatic effect. High alkalinity of Prolom Water makes it ideal for establishing body's pH balance. Because of its low mineralization it can be consumed in great quantities, and its mineral composition is suitable for all population categories: children, pregnant women, adults, athletes and amateur sportsmen.

It is especially recommended for rehydration of our body and auxiliary mean in treatment of the following diseases: Disc Kidney and urinary tract diseases, Disc Digestive diseases, Disc Skin diseases, Disc Non-articular rheumatism.

On its way from the spring to the consumers, Prolom Water passes through an entirely closed system without any physical or chemical treatment. The first contact of Prolom Water and the external world is when you open the bottle!

To Whom it May Concern,
In order to enable the effect of drinking Prolom water to be the greatest possible, please share your experiences with us, or if you have, ask questions to our doctors in Prolom Banja.