Prolom water | Natural and sustainable
The Guardian of Your Health

Scientists have investigated the reasons for the longevity of individual nations and found that they have pure alkaline water in common.

Natural and sustainable

Prolom Water is bottled without any physical or chemical treatments, but just as it is in nature, at depth of 220m. Moreover, the protection of Prolom Water spring is of particular value to us, which is why we bottle Prolom Water only in amounts that are a natural yield of the spring. By doing that, we do not make an impact on nature and we preserve Prolom Water for future generations. First contact Prolom Water makes with the outside world is the moment the bottle is opened.

Treatment programs | Natural Mineral Prolom Water

To Whom it May Concern,
In order to enable the effect of drinking Prolom water to be the greatest possible, please share your experiences with us, or if you have, ask questions to our doctors in Prolom Banja.