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Prolom Water is recommended for the treatment of skin diseases.


We recommend Prolom Water for the following skin diseases: Disc psoriasis and other keratinization disorders, Disc inflammatory dermatoses - eczema, mycosis and the like.

The use of Prolom Water and peloids has thermic, mechanic and chemical effect. There are significant changes in the skin morphology: stratum korneum and stratum lucidum become thinner, skin permeability increases. The activity of the inflammatory process is reduced, microcirculation is improved, there is positive effect on the immunological processes.

Balneotherapy in the Prolom Spa is indicated in treating eczema, psoriasis and other keratinization disorders, mycosis. Numerous studies tested the effect of balneotherapy on the psoriasis symptoms and signs. Large number of patients with psoriasis were monitored. A comparative study for testing the effect of balneotherapy with emollient and balneotherapy combined with topical medications, was performed.


There were several clinical studies on testing the effect of balneotherapy in the Prolom Spa on certain dermatoses, with a particular attention paid to psoriasis and eczema. After a seven-day balneotherapy in eczema, the average percentage of improvement of signs and symptoms was around 60%. When acute contact dermatitis is in question, the improvement percentage moved from 33 to 84%, while in neurodermatitis from 30 to 44%. When psoriasis was in question, the improvement percentage moved on average around 40% at the end of the third week when most of the patients are in question, and after four weeks 46% on average. The reactions of patients to balneotherapy are individual and in some cases the percentage of improvement moves even to 85%.

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