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Protects your health

Prolom water plays an important protective role in maintaining health.

Beauty and Prolom

Modern way of life, stress, unhealthy diet and polluted environment are just some causes for consequences to one’s health, accumulation of toxins, skin lifelessness and aging, and have a general harmful effect on one’s vitality and health.

One can greatly improve the way one feels by nurturing correct habits. It is extremely important to drink water with the right characteristics every day. The scientists and doctors around the world recommend waters with low mineralization and high alkalinity which do not put stress on one’s body, and they put an accent on high alkalinity.

Why is Prolom Water your right choice?

High alkalinity, bicarbonate- increases alkaline reserve in blood, increasing the elimination of free radicals and other harmful metabolism products,

trace element silicon helps in collagen production, rejuvenates the skin and helps fight wrinkles,

helps in collagen production- rejuvenates the skin and helps fight wrinkles.

Naturally alkaline waters, like Prolom Water, are considered the waters of youth. Drinking 2-3l of Prolom Water every day contributes skin gentleness and elasticity.

Natural Mineral Prolom Water
Natural mineral Prolom water | Unique composition
Unique composition

Prolom Water belongs to the category of sodium-hydro-carbonate, silica, alkaline, oligomineral and hypothermal waters. Due to its unique composition, Prolom water plays an important protective role in maintaining health.

Natural mineral Prolom water | Prolom and Your Health
Prolom and Your Health

Owing to its properties, Prolom Water (oligomineral, alkaline, bicarbonate), is beneficial as auxiliary mean in treatment of the kidney and urinary tract, digestive, skin and locomotor system diseases.

Natural mineral Prolom water | Natural and sustainable
Natural and sustainable

Natural mineral Prolom water is bottled without any physical or chemical treatments, but as it is found in nature at a depth of 220 m.

Treatment programs | Natural Mineral Prolom Water

To Whom it May Concern,
In order to enable the effect of drinking Prolom water to be the greatest possible, please share your experiences with us, or if you have, ask questions to our doctors in Prolom Banja.