Used forklift, forklifts of all types and drives (Linde and others)

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Used forklifts

Have you searched for a used forklift anywhere in Croatia? You are in the right place. The company offers you the rental and sale of used and new forklifts of all types, capacities and drives at all locations in Croatia.

If you want to rent a used or new forklift, we will deliver the forklift to your address, regardless of your location. You can organize the transport of the forklift yourself, if that is more convenient for you. 

A large selection of used forklifts
The used forklifts that are offered are immediately available. We choose the most optimal used forklift for you according to your business. Our offer consists of a wide range of used and new forklifts of all types, drives and types.

Our guarantees
We guarantee and guarantee you professionally refurbished and refurbished used forklifts at prices lower than the prices for new forklifts. Also, with our guarantees, you will receive premium quality used forklifts. Each used forklift is washed, lubricated and technically checked before delivery.

Our strengths
Our used forklifts offer value, reliability and strength. The key advantages are: 

  • Premium quality
  • Currently available used forklifts
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Attractive guarantee

For any additional information, you can contact us through our website

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