LPG and CNG stations (methane, propane butane) in Belgrade and Serbia, CryoGas

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Technical and energy gases

About us 
Technical and energy gases, LPG pumps, CNG pumps and LNG pumps - KryoGas. The company for engineering and production of technical gases KryoGas d.o.o. operates under that name since 05.07.1996. year, when it started its business with the production of technical gases. The company's activity is the production and distribution of: Technical gases, CNG, Special gases (Freon, Helium, etc.), LPG, Liquid fuels, as well as engineering services in the same areas.

Main directions of development 
Technical gases, energy gases, LNG, CNG, LPG pumps. KRYOGAS d.o.o. in the decade behind us, he made significant investments in the development of his program, which today includes the following range:

TECHNICAL GASES (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene, ammonia, methane, propane, gas mixtures of different contents, freon, helium, etc.);

  • CNG (compressed natural gas);
  • LPG (liquefied petroleum gas);
  • Bottles for technical gases and gas equipment;
  • Freon (Chinese and EU origin, in returnable and non-returnable packaging);
  • Liquid fuels, Welding accessories and equipment

KryoGas on the Serbian market
In the field of technical gases, KryoGas occupies a significant position in the domestic market. Technical gas filling stations are located in business centers in Belgrade (Zemun and Palilula) and in Indjija, while distribution is performed at all business centers.

KryoGas has intensified its technical gas program with the realization of a complete production and distribution center for technical gases in Zemun (PC Zemun), which also includes a laboratory and a medical oxygen filling station.

Within PC Indjija, there is a filling station for propane and carbon dioxide, as well as a plant for testing packaging. In 2021, CryoGas plans to restart the acetylene production plant. Having in mind the complex needs of consumers - we provide our customers with technical gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, acetylene, ammonia, methane, propane, freon, helium, gas mixtures of different contents) and energy gases (CNG, propane-butane, propane ) with complete technical and logistical support.

Od 1996. godine, znanje i inventivnost KryoGas tima u fukciji je uštede naših klijenata pri potrošnji svih vrsta induAbout usstrijskih gasova. Kako problem zagađenja kao posledica gradskog saobraćaja u zonama guste naseljenosti raste, jasan pravac kojim se kreće Evropa kada su u pitanju energenti CryoGas je prepoznao u svojim razvojnim ciljevima. Preduzeće KryoGas je prepoznalo ekološki problem korišćenja konvencionalnih fosilnih goriva i prvo u Srbiji krenulo da razvija mrežu CNG stanica. CNG (komprimovani prirodni gas), kao gorivo za motorna vozila predstavlja racionalnu opciju i sa ekološkog i sa ekonomskog stanovišta i primenjen je u velikom broju gradova širom sveta, posebno u slučaju kada nisu razvijeni drugi alternativni oblici saobraćaja, kao što su metro ili brzi tramvaji.

Working with CNG became a priority for the company, which soon invested significant funds in the construction of its own, and at the same time the first CNG Stations in Serbia. Currently, KryoGas distributes CNG through its own supply stations, namely: 3 in Belgrade (Zemun, Palilula and Čukarica), 1 in Subotica, 1 in Inđija. In 2021, it is planned to put into operation stations in Stara Pazova, Novi Sad, Smederevo and Sremska Mitrovica.

How to contact us?
Please contact us via our website for any additional information https://www.kryogas.rs.

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