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Adresa 38 Kosovska Street, Kursumlija

38 Kosovska Street, Kursumlija

School of chess Croatia

Chess School The Royal Chess Coaching Academy is the first professional online chess school in Croatia that takes care of all ages and types of players, from amateurs to professionals.

Our relationship with each student is personalized and is based on providing quality chess training and a strategic understanding of all parts of the chess game.

Our instructors are carefully selected chess masters and grandmasters who, in addition to a high degree of chess knowledge, have high educational, motivational and pedagogical abilities. Before we accept a trainee, our instructors carefully analyze the needs of each individual, his psychological profile, playing style and available knowledge, and based on that, they create personalized classes and training.

Do you want to significantly improve your chess playing or make your child a serious chess player? You are in the right place. Welcome to the Royal Chess Coaching Academy!

Contact us through the website or through our CONTACT page.

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