Service for Land Rover, Jaguar, Ford and automatic transmissions

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Adresa 38 Kosovska Street, Kursumlija

38 Kosovska Street, Kursumlija

Land Rover, Jaguar and Ford service

NINE d.o.o. is a specialized Land Rover service, Jaguar service and automatic transmission service that was founded as far back as 1954, and in which all the standards and methods of work prescribed by Land Rover have been applied since the beginning. The service is equipped with original diagnostic equipment of the latest generation, special tools and a trained team of technicians, who are in constant contact with colleagues from Land Rover.

You can do it with us:

  • Computer diagnostics
  • General overhaul of engines and aggregates
  • Repair of electrical appliances
  • Sheet metal and painting services
  • Car mechanic services

NINE d.o.o. is a specialized repairer for all types of automatic transmissions on passenger vehicles, as well as on light delivery vehicles.

Uz tehničku i logističku podršku kompanije AUTRANS, koja je jedna od vodećih Evropskih kompanija u segmentu automatskih menjača, u mogućnosti smo da našim klijentima ponudimo:

  • Regular automatic transmission services with filter and oil replacement

  • Computer diagnostics of automatic transmissions

  • Revisions and repairs of automatic transmissions

  • Deliveries of spare parts and consumables for automatic transmissions

  • Revisions and repairs of reducers and differentials

If you need our services, visit our website or you can contact us via the site contact

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