Originalni glass service u Beogradu i Srbiji

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Adresa 38 Kosovska Street, Kursumlija

38 Kosovska Street, Kursumlija

Glass service Belgrade

Glass Service Belgrade
Glass Service is the only original glass service in Serbia that has existed for more than 25 years. Our network in Serbia consists of a large number of highly equipped glass services with the highest quality tools for installation and repair of cars and other glass.

Where are our glass services shops located?
Our glass services are located in almost all major cities in Serbia.

What types of car windows we offer? 
Our offer is based on original and replacement car windows from the world's best manufacturers: Pilkington, Saint-Gobain Securit and Guardian. We offer the highest quality windshield, rear and side windows for a large number of models of all well-known brands of vehicles, high-quality foil and headlight polishing service.

What we do?
We sell, repair, service and replace car windows on all types and types of vehicles. Our services are always fast, high quality and cheap. If you want a quality glass replacement or repair service for your vehicle, you are in the right place, because we are the only original Glass service in Serbia.

Our prices of our services and replacement of car glasses?
The prices of our services are extremely affordable, and depend on the manufacturer and the quality of the glass they produce.

How to contact us?
You can always contact us via the website https://www.glassservice.biz or via the CONTACT page on the site.

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