Locomotor apparatus

Prolom Water is beneficial for the locomotor apparatus diseases:
• inflammatory rheumatism in early stage,
• degenerative rheumatism (arthrosis, spondylosis, spondyloarthrosis),
• articular and non-articular rheumatism (fibromyalgia, myositis, tendinitis and panniculitis).

The locomotor apparatus is the musculoskeletal system which enables movement; any difficulty in the functioning of the locomotor system results in back pain, pain in the neck, knees, shoulders, hips, etc. Rehabilitation is especially important after injury and surgery on the locomotor system.

Silicon is of utmost importance for the development of the skeletal system. It decreases the loss of calcium which is necessary for healthy bones and helps in osteoporosis treatment. It stimulates connective tissue and has an important role in its regeneration.

The levels of silicon in the bones and connective tissue decrease over time, and silicon from the metasilicic acid in Prolom Water is natural replacement for this mineral.

It is efficient when limb twist and joint dislocation are in question, torn ligaments, bone fractures. Also, it cures damaged tissue. Silicon contributes to renovation of connective tissue and cartilage renovation, improves limb joint mobility, decreases pain due to cartilage damage (osteoarthritis) and contributes to strengthening of connective tissue.

Natural factors in the Prolom Spa: mud and hydrotherapy with Prolom Water in combination with electrotherapy, manual massage, kinesitherapy mitigate degenerative processes in bones which make everyday movements and tasks painfully difficult.

The largest percent of our patients come to the Prolom Spa because of kidney, digestive and skin diseases, they complain of pain in the knees, shoulders, vertebra, hips, hand and leg joints, pain after total hip replacement, after spine surgery, fractures, joint twisting, etc.; thus, they are assigned to balneotherapy and physical therapy procedures for decreasing subjective difficulties, and all rehabilitation efforts are made to enable our patients to perform everyday life activities. These programs are aimed at reestablishing mobility, improving rough muscle strength, preserving or improving movement activities, coordination and decreasing pain.

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