Digestive system

We recommend Prolom Water for digestive diseases:
• hyperacid gastritis,
• ulcers of the stomach and duodenum,
• intestinal colitis,
• chronic constipation,
• inflammation of bile and the biliary tract,
• gallstones,
• postoperative state of digestive organs.

Immediately after drinking Prolom Water the bicarbonates neutralize gastric acid, which reduces acidity of gastric juice. Dyspepsia (heartburn) problems are mitigated (uncomfortable feeling of fullness after meal, heartburn, bloating or nausea).

By drinking Prolom Water intestinal motor activity becomes quicker, which results in intestinal emptying, important when chronic constipation is in question.

Bicarbonates improve the liver excretory functions, which demonstrates in cholagogue effect. Bicarbonates increase biligenesis, which results in better emptying of the gall bladder.

Silicon in Prolom Water contributes to natural treatment of chronic inflammation of digestive organs and allergies, since it regulates immunological processes in our body. It accelerates epithelization and treatment of ulcers of the stomach, colon fistulas. Silicon reduces inflammation of the gall bladder mucous membrane, prevents formation and deposition of cholesterol crystals on the gall bladder walls, thus preventing appearance of mud. Like bicarbonates, it stimulates excretion and secretion of bile and accelerates regeneration of the damaged liver tissue.
How much Prolom Water should you drink?

If digestive diseases are in question, you should drink 2 glasses of Prolom Water in the morning, and a glass or two one hour to half an hour before a meal.

Prolom Water has no contraindications and you can drink it unlimitedly.

The effects are undisputable and clinically proved.

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