Kidney and urinary tract diseases

When kidney and urinary tract diseases are in question Prolom Water particularly helps in curing the following diseases:
• chronic kidney and urinary tract infections,
• kidney stone and urinary tract stone,
• postoperative urinary tract state,
• benign prostate diseases.

Due to its unique mineral and chemical composition, the natural mineral Prolom Water is most beneficial for kidneys.

Due to low mineralization it is quickly eliminated from the body and acts as an extremely good natural diuretic. Increased diuresis is used when stones of all kinds of composition are in question, since the concentration of salts in urine of which stones are formed is reduced. Specific weight of 1.000532 provides decrease in the urine specific weight , which is of utmost importance in treatment of calculosis.

Thanks to the microelement silicon in Prolom Water, kidney stone becomes smaller, silicon accelrates stone flushing out, facilitates painful urination, prevents urinary retention.

Prolom Water increases diuresis without changing the content of electrolytes. It protects the tissue of the urinary tract from being covered with decay urine products, thus preventing stone formation.

The presence of stone and sand causes mechanical damage of urinary tract mucosa, but the metasilicic acid in Prolom Water accelerates epithelization of the damaged tissue and reduces the size of solitary (individual) kidney cysts, and reduces the urea and creatinine levels in blood.

Prolom Water is good for the blood vessels in our whole body, thus renal blood vessels as well, which improves the general kidney status.
Research of the influence of Prolom Water on the elimination of kidney stone and urinary tract stone

Clinical trial where the elimination of kidney stone was analyzed, after ultrasound waves were used to break up the stones according to ESWL method, in patients who drank Prolom Water immediately after this intervention, proved that in 87% of patients stones were completely eliminated. Of this number, 10-19mm stones were eliminated 100%, and there were no complications nor secondary interventions during the study; however, there were complications and secondary interventions in the control group of patients who did not drink Prolom Water after the intervention.

Furthermore, a clinical study to test the effects of the use of Prolom Water, as auxiliary mean in the treatment of urinary tract infections, was performed. Already after 10 days there were considerable improvements, urine cultures remained sterile even 6 months after the termination of treatment.

The results of the mentioned clinical trial showed that results for patients with kidney stone and urinary tract stone who drank Prolom Water were twice as good compared to patients with the same difficulties who did not drink Prolom Water.

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