What is the difference between Prolom Water and other bottled waters?

Prolom Water is a low-mineralized, high alkaline water (pH 9.2). Natural high alkaline waters are extremely rare and enjoy good reputation worldwide. No other water with us has nearly as high pH value as Prolom Water. Physicians and scientists worldwide recommend waters such as Prolom Water for everyday use, as a mean of optimal hydration and functioning of the body, prevention of numerous diseases, as well as for curing diseases such as:
• Kidney and urinary tract diseases
• Digestive diseases
• Skin diseases
• Locomotor apparatus diseases
• Peripheral vascular diseases
• Diseases of metabolism

How much Prolom Water can you drink on a daily basis in a longer time period?

Due to its unique mineral and chemical composition, i.e. due to its low mineralization and high alkalinity, Prolom Water can be used in unlimitedly long time period.


Is drinking of other mineral waters also advisable to such an extent as Prolom Water?

Our body needs water. It makes 70% of the body mass and participates in all important processes in our body. This is the reason why it is important to drink enough natural, low-mineralized, alkaline water, which doe not burden our body.

Prolom Water is ideal for you. No other water has the properties of Prolom Water.

Prolom Water belongs to the group of rare low-mineralized waters of high balneological value:
• High alkalinity (pH 9,2) - ideal for establishing pH balance,
• Low content of soluble minerals - suitable for all ages in great quantities,
• Detoxicating effect - flushes out and cleans the cells of toxins, free radicals and harmful substances,
• Great power of hydration - it is absorbed fast, hydrates and brings freshness to your whole body.

Alkaline waters, such as Prolom Water, are considered to be waters of youth worldwide since they neutralize the increased acidity and maintain pH balance.


Does Prolom Water influence the blood pressure regulation?

ZDue to low content of sodium, people with high blood pressure may drink Prolom Water in great quantities.

Due to low mineralization it is quickly eliminated from the body, and acts as an extremely good natural diuretic - thus, Prolom Water is even recommended to people with high blood pressure.


What quantity of Prolom Water is recommended?

Alkaline water accelerates the water absorption since it begins already in the first minute, and urine is created after 30 minutes; thus, our body is alkalized because it is burdened with acidic products of food and drinks

It is important that you drink water in the morning, because it will come quicker from stomach to small intestine and kidneys, 2-3 glasses, i.e. around 0.5l, and before lunch and dinner again around 0.5l approximately 30 minutes before the meal; and between the meals, you can drink it as much as you want, and the total quantity of the water you drink may be 2.5-3.0l.

Alkaline Prolom Water should not be drunk during the meal or right after the meal. If the stomach is full of water, it stays imprisoned in the acidic environment in the stomach. Gastric acid will neutralize alkalinity and the stomach will produce surplus of gastric acid and the patient will complain of heartburn.

Water should be drunk both by healthy and sick people for the reasons of their own. Healthy people to prevent illness and the sick ones to get well.


Which are the effects of Prolom Water when kidney stone and sand are in question?

Conclusions of the clinical studies performed in cooperation with Urological Clinics of the Belgrade and Niš Universities were that Prolom Water has favorable effect on the process of the elimination of calculus after disintegration according to the ESWL method. In patients who drank Prolom Water hospitalization lasted in average 4.7 days, while in 86.7% of patients complete elimination of calculus after three months occurred. In patients who did not drink Prolom Water hospitalization lasted 8.3 days, while in 50% patients complete elimination of calculus occurred.

In patients who drank Prolom Water after surgery UGT infection occurred in 6.7% patients, while in patients who did not drink Prolom Water infection occurred in 16.7% of cases.

Furthermore, a clinical study for testing the effect of the use of Prolom Water, as auxiliary mean at treatment of the urinary tract infections, was performed. Already after 10 days there were considerable improvements, urine cultures remained sterile even 6 months after the termination of treatment.


What is the effect of Prolom Water on certain dermatoses (psoriasis and eczema)?

There were several clinical studies on testing the effect of balneotherapy in the Prolom Spa on certain dermatoses, with a particular attention paid to psoriasis and eczema. After a seven-day balneotherapy in eczema, the average percentage of improvement of signs and symptoms was around 60%. When acute contact dermatitis is in question, the improvement percentage moved from 33 to 84%, and in neurodermitis 30 to 44%. When psoriasis was in question, the improvement percentage moved on average around 40% at the end of the third week when most of the patients are in question, and after four weeks 46% on average. The reactions of patients to balneotherapy are individual and in some cases the percentage of improvement moves even up to 85%.

The effects of balneotherapy in the Prolom Spa are softening of the skin, increase in skin permeability, regulation of the surface layers of the skin - Prolom Water has an antiproliferative and keratolytic effect, reduces inflammation and irritation, increases the resistance to microorganisms, and has anti allergic effect (inhibition of Th1 lymphocytes, stabilizing the basophiles), accelerates epithelization.

Effect of balneotherapy in the Prolom Spa is indisputable and depends on the duration of treatment.


Is it advisable that pregnant women drink Prolom Water?

It is of utmost importance that pregnant women drink quality water. Prolom Water is the right choice due to the optimal composition of micro and macro elements, there are no contraindications, it does not burden the kidneys due to low mineralization.


Is Prolom Water recommended for babies and children?

It is recommended for babies and children for rehydration purposes. Child's body should not be burdened with salts and other minerals, particularly kidneys in the first years of life, and Prolom Water is exceptionally useful for their body.